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Girls Kids Tie-Dye Co-ord Set with Joggers Pant and Crop Top For Summer Wear (Green)

Girls Kids Tie-Dye Co-ord Set with Joggers Pant and Crop Top For Summer Wear (Green)

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  1. Vibrant tie-dye design: The co-ord set features a vibrant tie-dye pattern that adds a fun and trendy look to your product. The colors are perfect for the summer season and will appeal to kids and parents alike.

  2. Pure cotton fabric: The joggers pant and crop top are made from pure cotton fabric, which is highly breathable and comfortable for kids to wear during hot summer days. It ensures optimal comfort and prevents skin irritation.

  3. Coordinated set: The joggers pant and crop top come as a coordinated set, allowing for easy and convenient dressing. The matching design adds a stylish touch, making it a complete and fashionable outfit for girls.

  4. Joggers pant: The joggers pant features an elastic waistband and cuffs, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. The relaxed fit allows for easy movement, making it suitable for active kids.

  5. Crop top: The crop top is designed with a trendy cropped length, offering a fashionable look. It has a comfortable and loose fit, allowing for breathability and freedom of movement.

  6. Versatile styling options: The co-ord set can be styled in various ways, offering versatility for different occasions. It can be worn together for a coordinated look or mixed and matched with other pieces from the wardrobe.

  7. Suitable for girls: The co-ord set is specifically designed for kids girls, taking into consideration their style preferences and comfort needs. The size range and design elements cater to their unique fashion sense.

  8. High-quality construction: The co-ord set is crafted with attention to detail and made with high-quality materials. The stitching and finishing ensure durability, allowing the product to withstand regular wear and washing.

  9. Easy care: The pure cotton fabric is easy to care for, making it convenient for parents. The co-ord set can be machine washed and tumble dried without losing its shape or color vibrancy.

  10. Trendy summer fashion: The tie-dye pattern, comfortable fabric, and stylish design make this co-ord set a perfect choice for girls who want to stay fashionable and comfortable during the summer season.

We are a complete Girls Brand

We feel Girls are special in so many ways, therefore we take pride in creating for them. Tweeny Mini is a home-grown sustainable brand that creates only for girls. We are a complete in-house brand friendly to mother Earth. Our Products are Polyester free and are made with utmost responsibilities keeping our girls comfort in mind.