About Us

A brand just for our lovely little girls, that’s Tweeny mini . The name very simply relates to the age range we cater to. Mini is for the infants and toddlers, while tweeny is for the teenagers.

Why just girls? Well, we think they are extra special in so many ways! The journey they will go through in their lives present many challenge, in ways that are
unique to girls. We see them as little birds with wings, ready to fly high as they grow up unbound, fearless and strong women.
We say “ Let them fly”

Sailing along their journey from a newborn to a teenager, our endeavour is to create comfortable, breathable casual clothing that they can happily hop, skip and jump in!

We envision our brand to be completely sustainable, and while we are not yet completely there, we are making steady progress everyday. Currently our focus is to ensure optimum use natural fibre based fabrics, hand block prints, azo free dyeing and prints and hand made embroideries, while keeping the aesthetic playful and vibrant, in styles that are trendy and comfortable, with quality stitching that makes our clothes long lasting.